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  • Garmin PRO 70

    Garmin PRO 70


    Intuitive, 1-handed Training of Up to 6 Dogs Firstly, train up to 6 dogs at a time (additional dog devices required; purchase separately) 6 levels of continuous stimulation and tone setting Up to a 1-mile range Again, built-in BarkLimiter™ Also, remote operation of beacon lights on the dog device Secondly, the simple, straightforward Garmin PRO…

  • PRO Control® 2 Remote Launch System

    Garmin PRO Control 2 Remote Launch System


    A Complete Garmin PRO Control 2 Remote Launch System for Dog Trainers Handheld controller and remote receiver provide full remote launch/release Consistently provides a range of more than 1/2 mile Rapid launch lets you control multiple launch devices¹ sequentially with 1 button 1-hand control offers easy mode selection, launcher control, and sound selection Preloaded with 3…